Monday, 23 April 2007

Bedford CCF hillwalking week part 3

For the last 2 days the teams started at opposite ends of the same route. Kinlochleven to Staonaig Bothy via Loch Eilde Mor then on to Loch Trieg and North through the Lairig Leacach. The northwards heading party camped at Staonaig whilst the southbounders pitched their tents by Loch Treig. Again we were lucky with the weather and a grand 2 days out were enjoyed by all. The CCF are off back to Bedford now to bathe tired feet!


shani_boy said...

thanks soo much for the last week
i really enjpyed it. I never thought i would push myself to walk so far. so once again i would like to thank you for my experience. would you be able to send all the photos you took in full size to me for memorabilia?

Shanaka [bedford school CCF]

angry_alisha said...

ah shanaka's gay! yeah.. it was a great week.. so thank you to everyone from the ice factor who came along with us. Ah cant belive you took a picture of my when I was sleeping! :D Glad you put up the picture of the A Tree. I love that tree ha ha!

Alisha [bedford school ccf]
ha shanaka is going to get ripped :P

The Ice Factor said...

Hi guys, glad you enjoyed yourselves. Send me an address and I'll post you a CD!


light_me_up said...

3, gower drive

thanks :)

light_me_up said...

btw, thats shanaka from bedford school's address. i lost my old account. i would really appreciate if you could still send those pictures
thanks :)