Sunday, 8 April 2007

Today may well be our last winter course of the season. JamieB is out with a family of 5 at Glencoe ski centre to look at some winter skills. The staff team have had a great season; Guy, Ed, Gabi and Henry are all on their first or second Scottish winter seasons and have been leading and following pitches of up to Grade V (Green, Comb, Thompsons, Orion Direct, Point 5) and following harder (Menage a Trois, Slab Climb). The older hands (Al, Jamie B and Kenny have all been pushing their grades and had great seasons. The Ben was in great nick for the last 2 weeks before Easter and we've all been taking advantage of it. Above are a few pics of our personal climbing this winter
We have run over 100 days of Winter Walking, Climbing and Mountaineering Courses and have been out most days working on hills in Glencoe, Aonach Mor, Ben Nevis and even the Cairngorms and Kenny, Al and Jamie B, along with our ever active freelance team (cheers, Nick, Mike, Andy, Karl, Gillian and Rob) are now looking forward to the summer outdoor instruction season. The next few posts will have a few pics of our winter's work and play.

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