Thursday, 24 May 2007

Realrock for Lochaber college students.

Jamie B, Matt and I took students from the UHI Lochaber college Outdoor Activites SVQ out onto real rock for 3 days climbing. The guys have been coming to the Ice Factor over the last year learning how to use the indoor walls, lead inside and now try the real thing! We spent the first and last days at Polldubh and Tuesday went east to Kingussie crag. Most of the guys got as far as leading a few climbs and we were on things like The Gutter, Three Pines, Reptons Right Hand route, Right Wall of Styx Butress and Pinnacle Ridge in Glen Nevis and The Groove and Tennis Shoe at Kingussie Crag. we have another party out from the college in a few weeks time.

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