Thursday, 21 February 2008

Aonach Mor and Glencoe

On Tuesday we had 17 students from an Outdoor Activities club out doing various levels of winter skills with Karl and Guy (at Glencoe ski centre) and Gillian, Campbell and Gwylim (at Aonach Mor. All parties enjoyed good snow and great sunny weather.

Yesterday Jamie B and Alisatair found good ice on Forgotten Twin on Aonach Mor and Al and Rich had a good day on Boomerang Gully (see That seems to be the last of it for a few days unfortunately as we have milder weather and rain today, slightly cooler tomorrow and then its going to continue to rock back and forwards between (slightly) cooler and warmer temperatures for the next few days. Lets just hope it is cool enough to put down a little snow rather than just remove it!!


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