Monday, 11 February 2008

Misty weekend

The weekend was busy despite the major thaw to snow. Nick and his student went to the Ben on Saturday and found good ice around Tower Scoop, heard things falling down Indicator Wall, came up against a 3 foot crown wall from an avalanache during the last snowy spell near the foot of Tower Gully and gave directions to a large 'temporarily misplaced' party of Irish on top of the Ben, sunday was a little less eventful with good ice on Left Twin. Jamie B and his students were on the Nid of Aonach Mor on Saturday and climbed up and ab'ed back down No.2 Gully (reported as largely uniform snow) on Sunday. Guy, Nina, Davey and Karl went out with a Stag party on Saturday for a walk on the Mamores. See Guys's Blog for details:
Al took Karyn and Steve up Dorsal Arete on Saturday and then helped them lead themselves up a largely snow free Curved Ridge on Sunday. Pictures here:
One thing all staff on the hill noted was how loose the rock is after this last thaw. But the number of people seen soling around over the weekend without helmets begs the question as to whether they were all very good at assessing the risks involved or blissfully ignorant! Staff saw/heard large rockfalls on Dorsal Arete in Glencoe and in Observatory Gully on the Ben. Take care and wear a lid folks.
Today the sky is clear and blue, the night was colder than expected and there is still plenty of snow in the gullys which should be firming up nicely.

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