Monday, 7 April 2008

MRT Training and Guiding

Yesterday Jamie B was up in SCNL in Glencoe guiding on Dorsal Arete. He had two clients, Sonya and Barry. This was Sonya's first Scottish winter climb and Barry's 1st ever winter climb. They had the whole route to themselves and the weather was nicer than expected. Other teams were on Twisting and Boomerang, Jamie reports SC possibly complete. Snow was being blown around creating some wind slab and the buttresses were also quite black.

Lorenzo was out Mountain Rescue Training with the Oban team. He headed up to Beinnn an Dothaidh and they headed up West Gully. They were hauling large amounts of equipment to deal with various different scenarios and rescues. They were looking at belays, safety lines, lowering casualties and casualty management. Lorenzo reported kind weather, with the odd blizzard blowing in, creating a reasonable amount of wind slab and also some avalanche debris was present. Lorenzo also spent an hour teaching crampon skills with a less experienced member.