Saturday, 17 September 2011

Winter Is Coming...

Here at the Ice Factor we're all starting to get psyched for the winter season again - it certainly doesn't feel like summer up here any more, with a bite in the air already and the hills starting to take on the purples and browns of Autumn. With that in mind, here's something you can enjoy with us to get you stoked too...

STS Dry Tooling Competition

We'll be hosting the first round of this annual competition this year. It isn't just an elite competition (although the 'great and the good' do often join in!), everyone who can safely weild an axe and effect a belay is welcome to come and give it a go. Whatever your level, we reckon you'll have never been so pumped in your life by the end of the day, it's great training for winter steepness.
Our sponsors Grivel are giving it their support and there will be Grivel and Scarpa gear available for hire on the day if you don't have your own shiny things to play with.
You can register to compete at
Of course, if you'd rather come and watch you're very welcome. There is no entry fee to spectate and the cafe and bar will be open for public use - and for a party afterwards!
Please note that there will be no availability for rock & ice climbing other than the comp on this day as with up to 60 competitors in the building there just isn't space!

Indoor Ice

We run our ever-popular Hit the Ice courses most days at 2.15pm. This is a 2 hour intro to ice climbing and is suitable for adults wanting to move onto steeper ground or make the step from rock onto ice. Prices for this are currently £48 per person, which includes hire of all technical gear, and this can be booked by phone on 01855 831100.

If you are already a competent ice climber (we ask that people have climbed at least Scottish III or WI2 or have completed at least one session in the ice wall previously) then you can come and use the freezer for your own training. A 2 hour session costs £25 for a non-member, or £20 for a member. You may want to think about taking out a pass if you are in the area for a while - 1 month is just £35 and this includes an ice session each week as well as unlimited rock climbing. It is worth booking in advance for ice sessions to make sure there is room for you to climb!

Outdoor Courses

If you're keen to get into the winter wonderland that is Scotland this year, or are looking to move onto steeper ground then give us a shout. We'll be running skills courses and guiding throughout the winter. Drop us an email on if you would like further info on what we are able to offer.

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