Wednesday, 7 December 2011

D Gully Buttress and *lots* of snow!

Well, winter has finally arrived up here, and it's making up for lost time by throwing down loads of the white stuff.
Jamie and Isi were out on the Buachaille yesterday and went for a swim/ flounder/ dig up D Gully Buttress. It gave good sport in the conditions. Although it was definitely white and wintery, in places the turf was not as secure as we'd have liked as it's been insulated by the snow. There is some ice around, some of which gave purchase but much of it is not thick enough yet.
We reckon that the top pitch is a bit of a sandbag at IV,4 and felt more like tech 5 - bold and slabby. A good lead by Jamie!
We came down Curved Ridge - thankfully some guys had already plowed a trench up this earlier in the day so we were only knee deep following it down!
First climb of the season and looking forward to plenty more...

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