Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wall to wall sunshine on Beinn Dearg & Beinn Alligin

Isi has been stomping the hills in the north west for the last couple of days in glorious sunshine. On Monday Beinn Dearg and Meall nan Ceapraichean (pics above are views from Beinn Dearg) via the Cadh an Amadain to get into the sun quickly. Looks like some of the lines on West Buttress are complete, and some people had been up Inverlael Gully recently. The lines to the right of the pass have water ice in the back of them, but not much snow to speak of. 
On Tuesday it was sunny again, so a ridge walk was in order to make the most of the vitamin D. Beinn Alligin was not looking super wintery but I decided to check it out anyway. Although I didn't put my crampons on, the team ahead of me wore theirs and there were some sections that would definitely have been easier with them on! The Horns gave good sport where the snow had melted and refrozen into hard ice the previous day. Snow was mostly firm, but there is some transportation going on up there, and isolated patches of windslab. It looks like both Liathach and An Teallach ridges have a good cover of snow just now too.

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