Sunday, 5 February 2012

Aonach Mór in the sun

On Friday Conor and Andy, still psyched from their day on The Ben, went to Aonach Mor and took advantage of the Gondola to get nice and high nice and fast. Their plan was to do Left Twin. They found it was in great condition with good ice and nice firm Néve. The only down side to it was we were out of the sun!


They were at the top by noon and relaxed in the sun for a wee bit while we figured out what to do next. Andy didn't feel up to any more leading so he left it to Conor to decide. He chose to do White Shark which he'd had his eye on for a while. So it was back down Easy Gully and over to the route.

The first section was fine but on starting up the second steeper pitch the sun which had brought them so much joy that morning had begun to take its toll. The ice was getting soft and crumbly leaving Conor well above his gear with nothing to get a screw in. Conor took it in his stride and pushed on finding better ice and some bomber gear higher up. It was plain sailing from there with only a rather large cornice (another first for the guys) left to deal with. After a bit of digging a deep breath and little style Conor dragged himself over the top. It must have been quite a sight from above. Bags packed they raced down for the last gondola getting there in under 30 minutes, its amazing what you can do to avoid the long walk down.

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